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w/b 23rd Feb 2015
The Journey of a Song/Composition: Music Publishing, Rights Management & Licensing Today
6.30pm-9.30pm @
Grant Thornton LLP, Melton St, Euston Sq, London, NW1 2EP
Mon 23rd Feb 2015

Writer/Composer & Publisher Relationships, Contracts & Agreements
Grant Thornton LLP, Melton St, Euston Sq, London, NW1 2EP
6.30pm-9.30pm @
Mon 23rd March 2015

Sub-Publishing, Co-Publishing, Publisher Relationships & Contracts; plus International Royalty Tracking
6.30pm-9.30pm @
Grant Thornton LLP, Melton St, Euston Sq, London, NW1 2EP
Mon 20th April 2015






Presented by the MPA, MMF & MMF TRAINING




Music Publishers Association, Music Managers Forum & MMF Training are pleased to announce dates for their joint Music Publishing Professional Development Programme for 2015.


The content of the 2015 Programme has been revised and updated to ensure that all attendees become better equipped to take advantage of the new business opportunities that are central to the development of our industry.  Individuals from all sectors of the music industry who are involved or interested in any aspect of music publishing will benefit from the Programme’s varied and comprehensive content.  The objective is straightforward: to provide practical information placed in the context of today’s music & media industries.


Delivery of the Programme is designed to suit the busy lifestyles of those taking part. The course consists of six short, intensive modules. Each module is of three hours duration, commencing at 6.30pm and ending at 9.30pm.  Detailed reference materials are supplied for every module to provide additional guided learning opportunities throughout the Programme.


All modules are “stand alone”, enabling delegates to select specific modules or attend all six as appropriate. Collectively the whole modular Programme provides a wide-ranging analysis of all the key issues, challenges and practical opportunities facing those involved or interested in today's music publishing industry.  For further information about each module, see below. 


Law Society members who attend this Programme may claim 3 hours accredited CPD time per module. The modules are also accredited by ILEX and fellows who attend may claim the time spent against their CPD requirement as stipulated in the ILEX fellowship agreement. Members of the ICAEW, AIA, ACCA and AAT may claim the hours spent on any or all modules against their CPD requirements as stipulated in their membership details.


PRICES (per module 6.30-9.30pm, including refreshments)

MPA, MMF members & PRS for Music staff:
£33.33 + £6.67 VAT = £40.00 per module

AIM, APRS, BASCA, BPI, IAMA, MPG members:      £50.00 + £10.00 VAT: £60.00 per module

Non-members:                                                               £66.67 + £30.33 VAT = £80.00 per module

: Grant Thornton UK LLP, Grant Thornton House, Melton St, Euston Square, London, NW1 2EP.

Places are limited due to venue capacity.  We strongly advise booking your place early: please simply email Angela Renshaw at angela@mmf-training.com to reserve your place



Module 1: Monday 23rd February 2015

The Journey of a Song/Composition: Music Publishing, Rights Management & Licensing Today

  • Music publishing value chains & revenue streams: practical analysis from music creation to music use and vice versa
  • Music publishing administration process & procedure: registrations, notifications & reporting; technology & documentation; data flow & transparency
  • The changing role of the music publisher: licensing & tracking multiple revenue streams; promotion & creative services today; key issues and implications for UK music publishers 
  • Music publisher business models: print, classical, pop, production music, independent & major publisher comparisons & differentials; roles & relationships; costs & resources; business challenges & opportunities
  • UK Collecting Societies & licensing solutions: PRS for Music / PRS & MCPS, IMPEL, CCLI and PMLL: membership, rights, data & identifiers, reciprocal agreements & international partnerships, licensing, reporting, matching & distribution
  • Co-writes & collaborations: rights ownership & income participation (the “roles & rewards” issue: creators, publishers, featured artists, A/V production companies & studio producers)
  • Rights infringements & exceptions

 Module 2: Monday 23rd March 2015

Writer / Composer & Publisher Relationships, Contracts & Agreements

  • Process, procedure, services & relationships: from first negotiation to termination / development to international success
  • Investment & return; budgeting & cash flow; rights acquisition & signings; advances & recordings  
  • Classical, popular & production music publishing agreements: differentials & comparisons
  • Exclusive songwriter, option and administration agreements; single piece/song assignments; and catalogue agreements
  • Key terms & conditions: implications and negotiation positions in 2015

Module 3: Monday 20th April 2015

Sub-Publishing, Co-Publishing, Publisher Relationships & Contracts; plus International Royalty Tracking

  • Sub-publisher roles, licensing & practical relationship management
  • Print, classical, media and popular music sub-publishing: differentials & comparisons
  • Direct membership of overseas collecting societies: practicalities & implications
  • Sub-publishing and co-publishing agreements
  • Process & procedure: from negotiation to termination
  • Key terms & conditions: implications and negotiation positions in 2015
  • Royalty tracking & auditing: physical & digital licensing and revenue streams
  • Cash flow: attributable income, deductions, royalty collection, taxation & distribution

Module 4: Monday 1st June 2015

Music Publishing in Audio-Visual Media: Rights Holders, Owners and Music Users

  • Overview of music use in audio-visual media: film, television, games, advertising,  corporate productions & programming; producers, broadcasters, MCNs & DSPs
  • Video channels & (official and/or user generated) content:
  • Synch licensing & brand partnerships
  • Music supervision & licensing agents: roles & relationships
  • Options for producers & music supervisors: commissioned, commercial, library / production and public domain music; benefits & opportunities
  • Direct, collective & “mini-blanket” licensing & agreements
  • Assignment of rights & income participation in music publishing revenue streams: options, issues, practice and precedent
  • Process and procedure: commissions, production music & synch licensing; roles, responsibilities & time scales; negotiation, decision-making & documentation
  • Key terms & conditions in media licensing agreements

Module 5: Monday 29th June 2015

Music Publisher Development Deals; Music Publishing & The Record Business; Grand Rights & Live Performance

  • Creator / Artist; Record Company / Music Publisher; Recorded Music & Music Publishing (individual, corporate & sector dynamics and relationships)
  • Publisher-owned master recordings: development deals; licensing & record labels
  • A&R, marketing & promotion, royalty accounting, business affairs, media licensing and international services: roles, challenges, interdependency and activities
  • Co-writes & collaborations; song plugging, samples & cover recordings
  • Structuring agreements: legal & financial implications for creators / performers & publishers
  • Audio file & product licensing: royalty rates, negotiation issues & global differentials
  • Licensing live classical & popular music; worldwide rates & differentials; issues & opportunities
  • Grand rights licensing; rights owner & producer relationships, practice & procedure
  • Professional responsibilities, roles & functions 

Module 6: Monday 27th July 2015

Global Royalty Streams; Licensing Digital Services & Exploitation; Working with International Collecting Societies 

  • Music publishing in context: music & media industry business models & eco-systems
  • Practical realities of direct & collective rights licensing in the digital environment: on-line “multi-territory,  multi-right & multi-media” exploitation
  • Working with Collecting Societies in all key UK repertoire territories
  • Comparisons and differentials: roles & relationships; rights ownership & licensing; additional revenue streams, deductions & distribution policies
  • Pan-territorial business models: rights licensing & (writer/publisher share) royalty collection; improved data flow, increased revenues & cost reduction solutions
  • International relations: politics, technology, alliances & joint initiatives
  • Standards & formats; tools & services; “hubs” & databases: issues, challenges & opportunities
  • European, Asian & American policies & frameworks



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